This page will explain how to configure the advanced UI settings on the terminal for your menu layout.

It allows you to select colours and icons for each category.

You can edit the UI settings through the cloud office for each of your menu categories.


  1. Visit the cloud office, and select Menu Management > All Categories 

2. Select the green icon next to the category you wish to edit.

The default colour will be is black with a white outline.

3. Select the colours and icons from the drop down menu.


If you leave both blank, they will appear as the default colour.

You can also leave the icon section blank. 

4. Once you have edited all of your categories, you will need to sync with the terminal and select the Advance UI settings in System settings.

5. Select the top left icon and select Settings > System Settings and ensure Advanced UI is switched on.

6. Return to the order page and the interface will have updated.