This page will explain how to use the Split Bill function. The function can only be used once the order has been sent, and is saved to a table.

It cannot be used if you don’t have a table plan.

  1. Click Send after entering the items and selecting a table from your plan.

2. Select the table again from your plan, each item will now have the Sent ✔︎ sign.

3. Then select Split, and then choose by Item or by Average.


By Item  Allows you to select specific items for each customer

By Average  Splits the bill evenly by amount of guests


By Average 

1. After selecting By Average select the number of guests wishing to split the bill. Click Confirm.

2. You will see a list of of items with each customer column highlighted.

You can click the + or icons to modify the amount of guests.

If the amount of guests is correct, click Confirm.

3. After selecting Confirm you will see each guests bill total in the middle of the screen.

4. Select Payment, and take payment from each guest. 

By Item 

  1. After selecting By Item, enter the amount of guests on the keypad and click Confirm.

2. Select the items for each guest to pay for in the customer columns.

If multiple guests are selected for one item, this means the cost of the item will be shared between how ever many guests have been selected.


In the below example, guests A, B, & C have all been selected for the Classic Mac & Cheese item, this means the item will be split between all three customers. 

If only one customer is selected, the total cost of the item will be paid for bu that guest.  

3. Once you’re finished, select Confirm.

4. Select Payment and complete the transaction.

The system will ask if you would like to print a receipt after each guest’s payment, and will then ask if you would like to print out a receipt total.