This page will explain all the functionalities of the cash drawer.


The Cash Drawer is found at the bottom of the Order screen. You can input your Float, Withdraw, enter Petty Cash, and Cash Out Tips.

Cash In

Adding Your Opening Balance

  1. Click on Cash Drawer at the bottom of the Order screen.

2. Select Opening Balance and enter in the amount of your float on the key pad.

3. Once you’ve typed in the amount, click Confirm.


Increasing Your Float 

  1. Click Cash Drawer on the order screen page.
  2. Select Increase Float and enter the amount you wish to increase your float by.
  3. Click Confirm.


Cash Out


  1. Click Cash Drawer on the order screen
  2. Select Withdraw and enter amount to withdraw.
  3. Click Confirm

Petty Cash

The petty cash function on the cash drawer is used for paying small expenses, e.g paying for groceries etc. You can populate petty cash reasons through the back office.


Petty Cash Reasons

  1. Select Petty Cash from the cash drawer
  2. Type in the amount you are taking out of the till
  3. Select a reason fo withdrawing petty cash
  4. Click Confirm. 


Returning the Petty Cash change

When returning the Petty Cash change or placing the receipt in the cash drawer, Petty Cash will appear on the Cash In tab on the cash drawer home page.

  1. Select Petty Cash
  2. Select the expenditure on the right of the screen shown below
  3. Type in the amount spent.

4. Click Confirm, and place the receipt inside the cash drawer.


Cashing Tips Out

The function is used if staff keep tips in the cash drawer.

  1. Select Cash Tips Out on the cash drawer page.
  2. Type in the amount of tips received.
  3. Click Confirm.