This page explains how to log in on the EPOS app on your terminal.

Login Page

When the app opens, the log in page will appear. There are two options for logging in.

  1. Employees can log in with a QR code.
  2. Employees can log in with their unique 6 digit code.

QR Code Log In

With a QR code login, the panel screen will appear instantly.

  1. To log in, hold the QR code to the blink scanner

6 Digit Code Log In

  1. Click on the padlock icon shown above.
  2. Once you click icon, you will see the full list of staff members.
  3. Click on a staff member name to bring up the keypad and enter the code.

4. Click the green tick.

5. Log in completed, and the order screen will open.


Click here to go to the next section. View an overview of the order screen.


The Support button located in the bottom right of the screen, will take you to this support site.

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