This page will explain how to turn on automatic updates for your SPARK software, and how to update.

We’ll always aim to make you aware when a new update has been introduced.

It’s vital you always use the latest software version. The current version can be found on the main Log In page in the bottom left corner. 

Your software should update automatically, but it will not update when the app is in use. You may need to exit the app in order for the update to install.

  1. Exit the app (Log out, and select Exit from the Log In page).
  2.  Select the App Store from the home screen.
  3. Your software will update (If an update has been launched)

Automatic Updates

Your hardware should have automatic updates turned by default, if not please ensure they are switched on so you don’t miss any update.

  1. Exit the app (Log out, and select Exit from the Log In page).

2. Select the App Store. 

3. Select the Me Tab at the top of the screen.

4. Ensure Auto Update is switched on the left side.