This page explains the functionality of the Order screen.

Order Screen


The panel allows you to view your menu items, take customer orders and payments, and manage the cash drawer. The top left arrow will allow you to see each screen name.

Viewing Menu Items 

  1. All your menu items will be displayed in your chosen categories in the middle of the screen
  2. Navigate through each category to find menu items.
  3. Use the Search function at the top of the screen to search individual items.


You can change the order of your categories through the cloud office, visit Menu Management > All categories and drag and drop to re-order.

Taking A Customer Order

1a. Items with no variations

Click on the items a customer wishes to order, once finished then press Pay.

1b. Items with Variations

Once you click on an item with variations, the pop up box shown above will appear.

Here, you can select the item options, add any sides and preferences, quantity and discount.

Deleting an Item 

  1. To delete a singular item, slide to the left until the Delete button appears.

2. Press Delete, the item will be removed.

Deleting the Whole Order

  1. Click on More at the bottom right of the screen and select Clear All.


Holding/Takeaway Orders

  1. Add your items and select Takeaway at the top of the screen.

2. Select the cooking time (if applicable) and add a note. This can be a customer name, takeaway number etc.

3. Select Yes.3. You will see the takeaway button has a red icon, and the Select Table button has changed to Hold.

4. Select Hold.

5. To view the order, select More at the bottom of the screen and the order will appear in the holding list. 


  1. Once you have clicked Pay, the pop up payment box will appear (shown below)
  2. Select the desired payment method and click Confirm.


You can also Void and Comp the whole order by selecting the pay button and then selecting Void, or Comp

Any Voids or Comps will require staff to put in a reason for the transaction which can be configured through the cloud office.

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