This page will explain how the preview section on the order page can be used. It is used as a shortcut to print the invoice for an order, a quick payment shortcut and a shortcut to split the bill.


You will only be able to use the preview button if you have a table plan. If you are on the basic package without venue layout, this feature will not be applicable. 

Reservations View

  1. From your table plan, click on the table and select Preview.


2. You now have three options, Print invoice will print the bill before payment has been taken.

Select Split Payment then select by Item or by Average.

View Splitting the bill for more info.


By item lets you select specific items each guest can pay for.

By Average splits the bill equally between the amount of customers.

Quick Service View 

  1. From your table plan, double-click on the table you wish to preview.

2. From the order screen select Preview. 

3. You will see the same three options.

Drag and drop
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