This page explains how to add a staff member profile and assign a role group for each member, controlled through the back office.

Adding a new Staff Member

Click Staff Management Manage Staff > Add Staff Member


Before adding a new staff member, please ensure you have created all of the appropriate role groups to assign to each member.

See Staff Role Groups


3. Enter the staff member details, and choose a pin code (this will be used to log in on the terminal and has to be a minimum of 4 digits)

4. Enter Cloud office Login details.


Cloud office login details can be left blank if you don’t want the staff member to access the cloud office data.

Choose Staff Role specifies role groups you have already created.

Pin Code Choose a 4-6 digit code for your staff member to log in on the POS terminal.


Editing a staff member profile

  1. From the full staff list, click the green icon next next to the staff member you want to edit.
  2. Edit the required fields, and click Submit once you’re finished to save the changes.


Deleting a staff member profile

  1. Click the blue icon next to the staff member you wish to delete.


This action cannot be undone.


Customising Staff ID’s

This page will explain how each individual staff QR code can be customised through the cloud office.

  1. To access your staff list, select Staff Management > Manage Staff Members

2. Select QR Card Setting at the top right of the screen (orange button)

3. From the templates shown above, select one of your choice.

4. Drag and drop an image of staff member to upload to the QR Card (Optional).

5. To preview before printing, press the orange icon next to the staff profile you wish to edit.

6. To print, select the purple icon next to the staff profile.


To customise each staff member’s card from the list, you must first select QR card setting and then Print the staff card. 

You must do this for each profile. 


View and print staff QR code

  1. Click the orange icon next to the staff member. The screen below will then appear.

2. This function will only allow you to view the code, to print, press Close under QR code preview, then click the purple Print icon. A new tab will then be opened with the staff name and code ready to print.

3. Print the QR code.