This page will explain how to add a stock category. You can create stock categories of your choice so you can organise your stock items.

To access stock categories, click Stock Items on the left menu of the back office, then select Stock Category as shown below.

Adding a Category 

  1. Click Add Stock Category at the top right of the screen.
  2. In the pop up box, enter the category name and click Save.
  3. Your category will then appear in the list, as shown below.

Editing a Category

  1. In the category list, click the green Edit icon next the chosen category.
  2. Edit the name in the pop up box and click Save.

Deleting a Category

  1. In the category list, click the blue icon next to the chosen category.
  2. Click Yes when the message appears “Are you sure you want to delete this stock category?”
  3. The category will be deleted and removed from the list.


The next stage is adding your stock units before adding your stock items. 

Adding Stock Units