This page will explain the functionality of the system settings section on the terminal.

There are 4 settings:

Quick Service

Table Service – Quick Service View

Table Service – Table Plan View

Table Service – Reservations 



The Reservations settings will only work if Reservations has been purchased as part of your software package.


  1. To access the system settings, select the icon at the top left of the screen to see the side menu.
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select System Settings.

Quick Service

The quick service setting allows you to take payment for an order straight away without having to assign a table.


This is the default setting, if you need to switch back to quick service, visit Settings > System Settings and ensure Table Service is off (shown below) and return to the order page.

  1. Add items to an order
  2. Select Pay.
  3. Enter the cash or card amount.
  4. Select Confirm
  5. Select Yes or No to printing a receipt.


Table Service – Quick Service View

The Table Service – Quick Service View  allows you to send orders to the kitchen, and manage open orders on the table plan.

You can either assign orders to a table, or take payment for an order straight away.


The Built In Kitchen Printer setting allows kitchen orders to be printed through the terminal (only if your terminal has a built in printer) as well as additional bluetooth/WiFi printers.

Creating an Order

  1. Add items on the order screen.
  2. Press Select Table.
  3. Double click on an available table.
  4. Press Send after returning to the order screen.
  5. The order will be sent to the kitchen.


You can configure your printer settings so only certain menu categories will be sent to the kitchen. 

Tables with amounts highlighted in red, show that a table is in use and the current bill total.


Printer settings


Table Service – Table View

Similar to the Table Service – Quick Service View, the table plan view allows you to send orders to the kitchen, and manage open orders on the table plan.

The default view for the order page will be your table plan, therefore an order has to be assigned to a table before payment.

The Order page will show as Table Plan.

  1. Double click on a table to open.
  2. Add items to the order.
  3. Press Send to send the order to the kitchen.



To adjust your table plan, see Venue Layout


Reservations View

This view allows you to manage active orders on tables, set different table status, and view all of your current (seated) & upcoming bookings.

The default view will be your table plan.

Visit the Reservations Table Plan Overview for more detail on how to use this view.