This page will explain how to create your venue layout. You can create single or multiple plans for different areas of your venue, for example, Main floor, Upstairs bar etc.

Creating Your Layout

  1. Under Venue Layout located on the left of the screen, select Floor Plans underneath.


Any floor plan you create will be displayed in the list shown above.


2. To add a new plan, click the green Add button at the top right of the screen.

3. In the pop up box enter a name for your plan, e.g Main Floor, Upstairs bar, Reception etc then click Add

4. The next screen will then bring up the Venue Layout Builder, shown above.

5. Now, start adding elements to your plan to mimic your layout. After adding a table element, the pop up box will appear. Enter Table number, chair amount and toggle the combinable slider.


You can see a preview of you plan on the right, under Preview

Drag and drop icons from the top of the canvas.

Combinable: Means you will be able to edit tables and combine with others to create larger or smaller table sizes

Edit position: Click on an element and drag and drop.

Rotate an element: Select the element and click and drag the white box above.

Delete: Select the element and click on the X at the top left of the item.

8. Once you’re finished adding all the elements, click Save at the top right of the screen.

9. Once you’ve saved, select floor plans under Venue Layout on the left menu bar. The plan you just created will appear in the floor plans list.


Status: Can be toggled on/off (active is automatically selected after you save)

 (Edit): Edit elements and arrangement of table plan.

 (Combine): Edit combinations of tables

 (Delete): Deletes whole plan, this cannot be undone.

Editing Combinations


A combination allows you to combine different tables to create larger or smaller table sizes (amount of chairs) .

To add or edit table combinations, press the orange icon next to the plan you want to edit. The combinations screen will then appear.

  1. To add a combination, select the white boxes next to each table item you wish to add, then select Add combination.


When you have added a combination, the white boxes next to each table will deselect, and the combination will appear on the right side under Table combinations.

The table numbers that have been made combinable will be displayed, in this example it’s 1,2.

To delete a combination, click the X next to the table numbers in the Table Combinations box.